Skift Plus Wheel

Skift Plus Wheel gives generous comfort and lots of space even if it is in a size to compare with an ordinary armchair. Armrest is high enough for comfort and secure and even low enough to pass under most table tops. Skift is made for the hardest contract use with a wooden moulded frame both in seat and backrest/armrest. A gap between seat and backrest together with a plain seat gives the best possibilities for cleaning. A Skift chair has a design that is usable both as a solitary one as in multiple use in conference or dining room.

Steel base in white, black or chrome. Customized on request.

Skift Plus is also available with different variants of base, Skift Plus, Skift Plus 4, Skift Plus Swiveling and Skift Plus Wood.

Skift is also available in a smaller version called Skift, Skift Swivelling and Skift Wheel.

The latest additions to the Skift family is the Skift Lounge and Skift Sofa.

Product information

Seat and back in polstered moulded wood.
Upholstery in our wide range of fabric or leather.
Base in metal, black, white or chrome.

Height                   790 mm
Depth                    585 mm
Width                    580 mm
Seat height           450 mm
Seat depth            445 mm
Seat width             515 mm
Armrest height     690 mm
Weight                  13 kg
Volume                 0,33 cbm
Fabric                    1,6 m