An exclusive soft rounded table with Carrera Marble top. The development of making this hard piece into a soft touch is both a fantastic design and craftsman´s work. Together with frame in inox or mat chrome Softboard will satisfy the most demanding interior. 

Product information

Table top in Carerra Marble.
Base in inox or massive mat chrome.

Height     400 mm
Length    1300 mm
Depth       650 mm
Weight     70 kg
Volume    cbm

Height      400 mm
Length      650 mm
Depth        650 mm
Weight      37 kg
Volume     cbm

Bordsskiva i Carerra Marmor.
Underrede i rostfritt stål eller matt krom.

Höjd          400 mm
Längd       1300 mm
Djup           650 mm
Vikt            70 kg
Volyme      kbm

Höjd           400 mm
Längd         650 mm
Djup            650 mm
Vikt             37 kg
Volyme       kbm