Fondue brings a new idea for lighting
With this hand-blown glass lamp created by Luca Nichetto you  can connect the cord to ceiling or floor. Genius new dimension for lighting. Fondue is available with glass in amber or smoke and the metal parts in black or gold/brass.

Merging different traditions – the South European and the North European – in the field of household suspended lights is the starting point of Fondue, a lamp designed by Luca Nichetto for the Swedish David Design. The inspiration comes from the observation of pot bellied traditional fondue cauldrons, which were kept suspended above a heat source for the cheese to slowly melt. Similarly, the pot bellied glass diffuser is suspended, supported by a slender metal frame enclosing the light source.

One of Fondue’s peculiarities is the solution designed for the output of the power cable, which is generally concealed or made less evident. Instead, here it becomes a feature of the lamp, located in its lower part, which allows the power source to be released from the fixing point in the ceiling. This makes Fondue easily adaptable to various architectural situations.

Product information

Height 360 mm
Diameter 471 mm
Cord length 5 m

Glass in amber or smoke
Metal parts in black or gold/brass