One Café

Modular sofa system with thousands of possibilities. Starts from a seating section equipped with CSS, a unique Comfort experience and an opportunity to sit from all four sides because of the plan seat. It´s a beginning in a system with socket or legs in two different heights 400 or 450 mm seat height. Thin Café backrest to be attached to the seat. A lot of sizes and shapes of modules, attachable room divider and shelves.

One is also available as One Lounge, One Air and One Air Curve.

Product information

Upholstery in our wide range of fabric or leather.
Frame in wood.
Pirelli-band braided in the seat frame.
Foam and fiberfill.
Socket in solid wood or legs in lacquered steel, black.
Optional 2 x cord plug with cover (Europe only)

Seat height 400/450 mm
600 x 600 mm
800 x 600 mm
1200 x 600 mm
1600 x 600 mm
2400 x 600 mm
Optional removable fabric covers

Café backrest
Height 750 or 820 mm depending on seat height
600 x 50/130 mm
800 x 50/130 mm
1200 x 50/130 mm
1600 x 50/130 mm
2400 x 50/130 mm
Corner 650 x 650 mm
Optional gap 20 mm between seat and backrest

Total depth seat + café backrest, 650 mm

One Wall
Height 1230 (1280/1350 mounted at sofa)
690 x 40 mm, side wall
600 x 40 mm
650 x 40 mm, for corner
800 x 40 mm
1200 x 40 mm
1600 x 40 mm
Leg for One Wall when placed outside of sofa

Total depth seat + café backrest + wall, 690 mm

One Shelf
320 x 650 x 520 mm
320 x 800 x 520 mm
White lacquered MDF