Haida Stool

Haida Stools complete, together with Haida armchair, a collection of products inspired from the Haida people in the north of Canada. Haida is a tribute for their technology for buildings and production of wooden items. Produced from solid wood and with details you can’t see in many products today. Take a look at the assembly, at the details and enjoy a good craftsmanship.

Haida is also available as armchair.

Tested according to EN16139:2013

Product information

Solid ash wood.
Natural , white or black stained.
Upholstered seat cover as option.

Stool 65
Height          650 mm
Depth           365 mm
Width           365 mm
Seat height  650 mm
Weight         7 kg
Volume         0,13 cbm

Stool 75
Height          750 mm
Depth           365 mm
Width           365 mm
Seat height   750 mm
Weight          9 kg
Volume         0,16 cbm

Polstered seat cover
Fabric           0,4 m