A set of small wooden tables in three nice shapes, round, square and triangular. The tables are available in four different heights, 400/450/500/550mm, so that they can be changed. Table tops in solid oiled oak that are diagonally cut or in a large selection of laminates.

Product information

Table top in massiv oiled oak or laminate in white, black, dark or light grey, green or nano.
Legs in oiled oak.
Available in other dimension, material and shapes on request.

Bruse Square
Height     400/450/500/550 mm
Length    450 mm
Depth     450 mm
Weight    kg
Volume   cbm

Bruse Round
Height     400/450/500/550 mm
Diameter 450 mm
Weight    kg
Volume   cbm

Bruse Triangular
Height    400/450/500/550 mm
Length   452 mm
Depth    452 mm
Weight   kg
Volume  cbm